How to Protect Yourself From Cyber Attacks?

The Internet has seen a massive increase in usage over the last decade. Thanks to smartphones and high-efficiency yet cost-effective computers. Another reason is that the hard-working developer community has made the development and use of software increasingly easy, requiring less and less technical sophistication. The capabilities of software programs have also been exponentially enhanced. […]

What is 5G Technology?

The speed of technical transition has been swift in recent decades. The only thing we know for sure about the future is that it’s going to be much quicker. A 5G network is building a gateway to the future. We will undergo a technological transition that will change corporations, individuals, and society as a whole. […]

What is Chinese Internet Censorship?

Driven by official paranoia surrounding the Tiananmen Square massacre’s 30th anniversary, continuing antigovernmental unrest in Hong Kong, and an ongoing trade war with the United States, China’s intelligence restrictions have hit excellent heights over the past year. Tens of thousands of individual users and institutional service distributors have been hit by the size of content […]

What are the latest Android Version in 2021?

Android, the world’s hottest mobile platform, is celebrating its 13th birthday today. because it is getting into its teen years, we will expect many scintillating advancements that further push its boundaries. Let’s have a fast peek into the trends in technology for Android which will reinforce its dominant position within the mobile industry. Android offers […]

Amazon Affiliate Marketing

What is affiliate marketing? Amazon’s affiliate or associate marketing programs are simply deals in which an online retailer or Amazon pays a fee to send them traffic and/or revenue to affiliate websites. Affiliate sites link to the merchant platform and are paid according to the arrangements of the program. For one, Amazon’s affiliate program rewards […]

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