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MBA Chai Wala

“There is nothing impossible to they who will try.” … Prafull Billore AKA MBA Chai Wala has proved it and became a Big Hit. Prafull Billore had an amazing and a very inspirational journey from selling tea on the roadside to having 50+ outlets in India.

Today we are going to tell you how this wonder boy has made everyone talk about his chai and how his determination made him so successful.

Who is MBA Chai Wala?

India ka Chai Wala, MBA Chai Wala……This Journey was started by Prafull billore who is the owner of MBA Chai Wala of his own venture.

He started the journey by selling Tea on the roadside with the investment of only Rs.8000 only which is now a 4+ crore business.

No work is small or big, this is the thought of Prafull billore, who became India’s Youngest Entrepreneur just by selling TEA. Despite being an MBA student, he started his venture by selling tea and got successful in it, because he says that “If Any Work Is Done in A Proper Way, Then One Can Be Successful in It”.

Quick Details-

Real NamePrafull Billore
Nick NameMBA Chai Wala – Prafull Billore
Age26 Years ( As In 2022)
Date Of Birth14/01/1996
ProfessionEntrepreneur And Social Media Influencer
Home TownIndore, India
Birth PlaceDhar, Indore, Madhya Pradesh, India
EducationB.Com And MBA Dropout
ParentsMrs Billore And Mr Sohan Billore
Height5’8 (Approx)
Education65 (Approx)
Twitter Id@Prafull_mbachai
Instagram Id@Prafullmbachaiwala
Net Worth3 Crore Plus
MBA Chaiwala Franchise CostFranchise Fees: INR 3 Lakhs
Contact[email protected]

What does MBA Chai Wala Stand for?

MBA, MBA, MBA… When it came to naming his venture, all Prafull can think of was MBA, here is a twist, you all will be wondering that it would be master’s in Business communication but MBA chai Wala stands for Mr. Billore Ahmedabad.

This is Prafull’s USP he walks one step ahead of everyone. Prafull Billore also has his personal website, and he also manages his Facebook and Instagram for himself. He is very well-known among young people, particularly MBA students at IIM Ahmedabad.

MBA Chai Wala History Journey from being a chai Wala to more than just a chai Wala

  • Prafull Billore is born and brought up in a small town Dhar, Madhya Pradesh, in a middle-class family.
  • He wanted to pursue his higher education i.e., MBA from a top B- school in India.
  • After completing his graduation, he started preparing for CAT (Entrance Exam), and his parents also encouraged him to study hard for his examination.
  •  But even after attempting the exam 3 times, Prafull failed to get into the B- school.
  • After all this negativity he wanted to get off his mind from all this, so he traveled to different cities in India. He settled in Ahmedabad last.
  • But he didn’t have enough money to survive there, so he started working in McDonald’s as housekeeping staff and then as a cashier.
  • At the time of working in McDonald’s, he started dreaming of opening his own venture in Ahmedabad, for that he needed 15,00,000 that he hasn’t had at that time.
  •  But as he was determined, he thought of starting a business from scratch. Just like any other Indian, he was also a chai lover, which made him start a tea stall as his business, which turned out to be the best decision in his life.

Initial Struggle faced by Prafull Billore as MBA Chai Wala (Haar k Jitne wale ko Baazigar kehte hai)

  • Starting a Tea stall was not that easy for Prafull, many people tried to take his dream away from him but he never got disappointed.
  • One thing that was disturbing him, how will his parents going to react to his decision. So, he took some money from his parent by telling them that he wants to take admitted to a course.
  • He again got up and started his tea stall. Being a new Chai Wala, it was a little difficult for him to engage customers on his stall.
  • So, he started serving the Tea in earthen pots with a tissue to attract his customers.
  • As he was an aspirant of top B- School and worked really hard to get into it, his English and communication skills were pretty much amazing. Prafull used those skills to attract and communicate with his customer.
  • Whenever a customer comes to his stall, he talks with them and tells his story which makes the customer more curious to listen to his story and gain other knowledge from him, this proved to be his USP.
  • Slowly and steadily, he started selling 10,000-11,000 cups a day, and then MBA Chai Wala never looked back in his life. He opened his own restaurant. Today MBA Chai Wala has 50+ outlets all over India.
  • Prafull Billore also served more than 200 events, including entrepreneurship, women empowerment, leadership programs, and many more. 

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Things to learn from Prafull Billore

  • Never Give up on your dreams.
  • Failure is a part of life.
  • Never get disheartened because of failure.
  • Determination is the key to your success.
  • No work is small or big.
  • If Any Work Is Done Properly, Then One Can Be Successful in It.

MBA Chai Wala Academy

MBA Chai Wala Academy got incorporated on 18 October 2021. It is a private company located in Gujrat.

The directors of MBA Chai Wala are Prafull Billore and Vivek Billore. The authorized share capital of MBA Chai Wala Academy Private Limited is INR 10.0 Lacs and the paid-up capital of the MBA CHAI WALA ACADEMY PRIVATE LIMITED is INR 1.0 Lacs.

Things required to open MBA chai Wala Franchise (Prafull not only serves “Chai”)

  • Prafull billore has made “MBA Chai Wala” the Fastest growing Tea and snack brand in India. They established their presence in 15+ cities with 50+ outlets.
  • If you want to open one of the franchises in India, you need to sign an agreement of at least 5 years, which is comparatively better than other companies.
  • The fees required to open the franchise would be Rs. 3 Lakh.
  • The space required to set up the franchise is 100-200 sq. ft.
  • With maintenance and rent expenses the total amount required to open an MBA Chai Wala franchise will be around Rs. 10 Lakh.


Prafull Billore proved with his journey of being a successful entrepreneur that the Key to success is Determination, hard work, and discipline. If you want to achieve something in life you have to be determined for it.

MBA Chai Wala story teaches us that, if you are failing in something do not worry about it because “For every dark night there’s a brighter day.” 


Q1. Which business model does MBA Chai Wala follow?


Q2. How does MBA Chai Wala’s marketing work?

Ans. They run their campaigns with word of mouth and PR strategies, digital marketing, and meme marketing.

Q3. Who is the owner of MBA Chai Wala?

Ans. Prafull Billore.

Q4. What did MBA Chai Wala Franchise cost?

Ans. The franchise fee is Rs.3 lakh and other investment costs are around Rs.8-10 Lakh.

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