Human Augmentation Technology – The Revolution.

Human Augmentation Technology – The Revolution. The most dramatic force that shapes people’s testing today is Human Augmentation Technology. This contradiction of perceptions toward technology is what hits me. It makes it easier for people to interact but distracts people from cultural positions. It allows engineering to change people’s spirits but complicates the lives of […]

Google VS Amazon: Who will win the Battel for AD Spend?

Search advertising subject matter experts and senior promoting chiefs have undoubtedly been following the business sectors of huge tech monsters like Google, Amazon, and Facebook to see who is getting the greatest lump of advertisement spend. From new businesses to enormous scope associations, advanced advertising is rapidly turning into a need to fabricate importance and […]

Amazon Affiliate Marketing

What is affiliate marketing? Amazon’s affiliate or associate marketing programs are simply deals in which an online retailer or Amazon pays a fee to send them traffic and/or revenue to affiliate websites. Affiliate sites link to the merchant platform and are paid according to the arrangements of the program. For one, Amazon’s affiliate program rewards […]

The most popular iPhone during Q3

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