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  • An article has a most important role in Search Engine Optimizationfree Article submission sites are one of the most favored SEO strategies as they help build quality backlinks efficiently.
  • They reinforce a business in publishing and advertising their content on article viewing sites.
  • These sites help augment search engine ranking, improve traffic on the website, improve keyword ranking, and boost link popularity and brand visibility.

What are free Article Submission Sites?

  • It is an off-page SEO technique in which you write the article and broadcast it on a third-party website. They are one of the most preserved forms for making high-quality Do Follow backlinks directing your website or blog.
  • It also helps improve traffic and boost the value of domain authority.
  • It is also said to present unique and better-quality content to the article directories to get high authority and PageRank backlinks. By posting the articles to article directories, you would immediately get some backlinks for your blog. 
  • Article submission can also be said to be part of content marketing and a procedure through which you write articles related to your business, and then you can add them to the renowned article submission sites.
  • Usually, in free article submission sites , people write articles that are similar to the online product.

Advantages of free Article Submission Sites

In today’s time, companies use diverse techniques to increase the website’s popularity and grow organic traffic. Some of the dominant techniques used by them are emails, SEO, social media marketing, etc.

The techniques used depend on the group of audience that the company wants to attract.

In any of the methods you use, content is the most powerful part of marketing for article sites. As, without strong content, it is inconceivable to draw people’s attention.

 Therefore, enhancing the blog quality is crucial, and free article submission sites help to do that. Here are some additional benefits of free article submission sites:

1. Free Internet Marketing: Most article submission websites allow you to add links that are directed blog within the article content. This way, you will be able to communicate your products with free marketing media. Plus, it would also help you get more good quality and authoritative links to your blogs.

2. Rises Traffic: The links you add in the author bio box help improve your website’s traffic. When the article gets accepted by the website owner, you can get high-quality conversion traffic to your blog. For getting more customers and viewers, you can share or repost the content on different social media sites.

3. Increases your business credibility: Article submission sites also give you an option to express yourself and your business through the author bio box at the bottom end of the body of the article. You can put the keywords in a detailed explanation for advertising your products. In this box, you can also add up a link back to your blog.

Thus, if you submit your article or blog on a third-party website and add an author bio with an external link to your website, it helps improve the domain authority. This would benefit you as it lets people know more about your business.

4. Generate leads and sales: With the help of article submission sites, you would generate sales immediately and leads to your blog.

Points to be remembered that make free Article Submission Sites worth using

There are a few things that make free article submission sites excellent, such as:

1. Keywords: They are the heart of the content, if you use keywords properly, it can boost your website’s reach. If you use good keywords, it can help expand your page reach.

2. Matter: When you write, ensure that the content is exclusive and innovative. If your content is creative and engaging, people will wait for it, and the traffic on your website would improve.

3. Publishing Medium: If you put nice keywords and the content is also impressive, but the publishing medium is inaccurate, all this would go in vain. Choose an outstanding publishing page as it would ensure that your blog gets the right audience and your blog popularity also increases.

How to publish an Article in free Article Submission Sites?

Steps for free Article submission sites

  • First of all, you need to register on the particular website you visit.
  • Need to keep in mind that, the call-to-action button may be different for different websites. Click on the call-to-action button for further processing.
  • The call-to-action button will switch to the submission form.
  • Fill in the mandatory details in the form such as category, caption, keyword, author, body, etc.
  • In the body section, you need to submit the article which you want to write.
  • Click on the submit button.

Steps to be followed after submission and approval of the article

As mentioned earlier, the registration process for submitting an article is quite easy, but do not forget to follow all the guidelines. Once you get permission from the particular free article submission sites, you can boost your blog’s visibility by taking a few additional steps:

1. The newly made backlinks you get from the free article submission sites can be used to search engine submission sites.

2. You can message or contact the newly created backlinks to get them indexed by various search engines quickly.

3. Bookmark your backlinks by using different bookmarking sites and existing social media profiles as it streamlines the process of elaborating the blog’s visibility.

4. It has been observed that people prefer visual content more as compared to written content. Thus, recently, several video submission websites launched that can help you convert the content into videos, and then you can submit it on the website.

These were some of the significant advantages of these websites; hence it is recommended to follow these points as they can have a considerable impact on your website’s visibility.

free Article Submission Sites List

Numberfree Article Submission Sites


These free article submission sites can also support you create business opportunities and building customer relationships; want to know how? These were some of the finest article submission sites, but just submitting blog posts would not help generate relationships or create followership.  Building relationship with customers takes time, and it is only desirable if you regularly contribute to a site and share your knowledge.

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