Club House App

Club House App

Club House App is a drop-in audio chat and unlike other social platforms, you cannot just sign in and use the app. It is an invite-only social media app for ios and android where users can join in through the invites sent from their network and communicate through audio chat. It is like an actual club where you cannot join without having a network built and meeting certain criteria. Just like that, you cannot join a club house App without having an invite.

Club House App History

In the fall of 2019, Paul Davison and Rohan Seth founded Club House App as a social media startup. The app was rebranded as “Club house” and officially released only for the iOS operating system in March 2020. It was initially built for podcasts under the name Talkshow. According to CEO Paul Davison, the app became popular during the early months of the COVID-19 outbreak, with 600,000 registered users by December 2020 and over 2 million active users on a weekly basis by January 2021. The appearance of Celebrities like Elon Musk and Mark Zuckerberg on the app had a significant impact on the increase of users on the app.

Audio Only Feature of Club house App

Club House App is a unique app and the attractive feature about this app is audio-only. Like no other social media, club house app provides users to join into any room of their interest and listen to the discussions happening. They can meet their role models, favorite celebrities, business delegates, and many others. Though there is Instagram and Facebook live available, an audio-only feature of club house app stands out as simple and easy.

Speakers pick their interesting topic and start speaking about it and have a discussion with other speakers. The best part is, there is no pressure of speaking. You can join the discussion and listen to the entire conversation without having any compulsions of conveying your thoughts and gaining knowledge about the topic. Whoever is willing to speak, they have to raise their hand, and then the speaker will allow you to speak.

Speaker has the capability to mute and unmute other members. What makes it special is it does not have video or texting options and whatever the person has to communicate it has to be done by speaking up. That way, you get to listen to people speak in an unorganized but effective way. It is like expressing their true self. You get to see who that person really is and how their thought processes. It is like an on-spot pick and speaks kind of an event.

Steps to join Club House App

1. Install the club house app on your phone.

2. Ask a friend who is already in the clubhouse to send you an invite.

3. Join using the link and set up your profile by providing all the information.

4. Choose topics that you are interested in to find more people of your preference.

5. Follow your contacts and start clubbing.

Let’s look around the options available in club house app

Based on different levels of privacy club house app rooms are classified into 3 types:

club house steps 2

● Open Rooms – Anyone who is a part of the club house app can join Open rooms.

● Social Rooms-Only those users who are followed by moderators are allowed to join this room.

● Closed Rooms– Moderators have to send an invite to users who want to join the rooms.

Thought behind Club house App new icon

Club house app has selected Dandara Pagu as their new app icon. Dandara Pagu is a social activist, producer, leader in body positivity, and a fighter for human residents especially those of black women. She accepts the weight of educating people about human rights with such ease and grace, despite having been a victim of racism and abuse. Pagu is one of 12 children, four of them died while they were little, and she speaks boldly about suffering physical abuse as a child.

“We believe that she represents the Clubhouse community at its best, and we’re incredibly proud to have her infectious smile welcoming people to the platform around the world”Says Clubhouse while introducing their new app icon on 20 June 2021.

People are drawn to Pagu on Clubhouse for the same reason as she was drawn for: the ability to be completely, deeply herself in a democratizing, “horizontal” environment. She recalls the sensation of becoming the main character in her own narrative, of being seen, or rather, heard, for who she is.


Club house app is a new social media site that enables you to connect and listen to celebrities, influencers, social workers, leaders, and individuals in your own networking group. It’s similar to a podcast platform since it’s all about listening. We can also create rooms and converse with our network. Club house app has demonstrated a huge amount of potential in terms of addressing a specific demographic.

Individuals within those rooms are likewise highly engaged because they have tuned in to actively listen to the topic under discussion. It’s a fantastic way to grow our network while also broadening our thinking abilities.


Is Club house app a good place for startups to market and build their network and brand ?

Well, to answer this question it is definitely a good place to speak about your products and services since people will join the discussion only if they are interested in the topic. It is a good place to obtain quality audience and good listeners. You can also get feedbacks from the listeners as they are genuine. However , it is upto individual person how effectively he can make good use of the app

Can Android users use Clubhouse ?

Initially, Club house app was only available to iOS users, but on May 25th, it became available to Android users as well. Yes, Android users can now use Clubhouse in the same way that iOS users can.

How to Invite People ?

Click on the invite option available on the top and select the person you want to invite by clicking an invite button next to their name.

How to leave the room ?

Simply click on the Leave quietly with a peace symbol option available on the bottom left corner which works like exit without letting other people know.

Is there a text or direct message option available ?

Unfortunately, there is no texting or video calling kind of feature available in Club house app. You can communicate only through audio option available.

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