Reverse Search Image

Reverse search image

Google offers a Reverse Search Image facility that allows the users to visually explore similar photos present on the web. This procedure can be operated through mobile phone, iPad, or even desktop.

Steps to perform Reverse Search Image on Mobile Phone

Reverse Search Image | Search by image is an extremely helpful tool that Google has offered to its users. For performing reverse search image on an android mobile phone follow the steps mentioned below:

  • Step 1: Open a browser.
  • Step 2: Head towards reverse search image.
  • Step3: Upload the photo by clicking on the “Upload” icon present in the tool or simply paste a URL.
  • Step 4: To obtain the URL, you can navigate between tabs after opening the image on a different window or save the picture on your phone. This can be done by simply tapping and holding the image until an option to save the image prompts.
  • Step 5: Once the picture has been uploaded, click on “Search Similar Image” and wait for the results.

Steps to perform Reverse Search Image on Desktop

Users have an option to perform Reverse Search Image || Search by image on several devices but one of the main benefits of doing this on a desktop is that it furnishes a better resolution of the image and keeps a regular check on the images that are uploaded.

Follow the following mentioned steps for better results on a desktop:

  • Step 1: Visit the reverse search image tool of DupliChecker online.
Reverse search image
  • Step 2: Paste the URL of the picture, or upload it from your computer system.
  • Step 3: Once the picture is uploaded hit the “Search Similar Image” button, and wait for the results.

Benefits of Google Image Reverse Search  

Google offers a ‘search by image’ feature but this is currently available for desktop mode and can not be used on an iPad or mobile phone. This means that if you receive a forwarded image on WhatsApp or Facebook that you wish to verify, then first of all you have to send the photograph to your computer and then perform Reverse Image Search.  This is a tedious task! But with Google Image Reverse Search you can perform this activity even on Android or iPhone in few easy steps.

Who should use Google Image Reverse Search  

Google Image Reverse Search can be used for personal, professional, or commercial purposes. The most popular user groups are listed below:

  • SEO and digital marketing professionals who are looking for websites by using images to obtain image credit and links.
  • Website owners and publishers search for good-quality images to grace their posts.
  • Photographers and artists look for those websites that are using their work without any permission.
  • Users who are willing to find the source of an image.
  • People wanting to check if their photos are used online.
  • People looking for online ideas.

Privacy of Reverse Search Image

Reverse Search Image is extremely helpful for the process of verifying the source of photographs, WhatsApp images, screenshots, and Internet memes. As per reports many Tinder and Facebook users have used Reverse Search by image to find profile pictures of their potential interests, while on the other hand travelers make use of this tool to explore locations by simply using the photos that they see somewhere randomly. It is also interesting to note that matrimonial sites use Reverse Search Images to detect fake uploads.


Reverse Search Image is a tool that addresses the major and usual needs of the general public, professionals, bloggers, website developers, etc. It is easy to use and in no time, the users can reach the actual source of the image and learn more about it.


  1. What is the need for a Reverse Search Image?

Reverse Search Image allows users to easily check where a picture originated along with other related details. It is also possible to find a website that is using material of your website.

  • Where can I use Reverse Search Image?

Reverse Search Image can be used on Android, iPad, or even Desktops. Follow My Tech Safari for all the latest information which is very helpful for everyone.

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