Rank Math v/s Yoast SEO- No. 1 SEO Plugin in 2021

Rank Math VS Yoast SEO

What is Rank Math?

Looking for Rank Math vs Yoast and Search Engine Optimization plugin for WordPress? RankMath is here to help you optimize your content with ease and provide embedded suggestions that are widely accepted and recommended as best practices. Gear up to easily customize the important settings about SEO, control indexable pages, and also learn the art to make your website appear on search results with Structured data.

Rank Math v/s Yoast

Very Useful information which tells complete information about Rank Math vs Yoast


Comparison between Free, Pro, and Business


Some Extra Benefits are as follows:

  • Exclusive Facebook Club
  • Fastest SEO Plugin
  • SEO & Schema on Automation
  • Advanced Technical SEO
  • One-Click Automatic Updates
  • Enterprise-Level Features​
  • Affordable For Everyone
  • Detailed Video Tutorials
  • Dedicated Premium Support


As businesses rely on SEO heavily for obtaining better ranks and the availability of many SEO tools, it is very difficult to choose the best. Above is a complete analysis given for Rank Math vs Yoast. so you can choose which suits you best. It is important to explore all the options available before making any kind of investment. Waste no more time and avail the exciting offers that RankMath has for you and your business!


  1. Can I use Rank Math on more than one website?

Rank Math PRO can be used on unlimited personal websites, and users can use the business plan on 100 client & personal websites. Personal websites are the ones users own 100% and not for a client website or a partnership with someone.

A fair usage policy applies to the personal license where users cannot use the PRO on a client website or share it with their friends/family. If systems detect abuse, they will notify it. If the abuse continues, they will review the user’s account manually, and if the user is using the license only on their websites – no action will be taken.

If sharing of the license or client use is detected, the websites would be blocked from using the PRO license, and if the user made a purchase in the last 30 days, the entire amount is refunded.

  • Is Rank Math Better Than Yoast?

Rank Math offers the features that are not available in any other SEO plugin and it does all that while remaining one of the fastest SEO plugins.

  • Can I try Rank Math before purchasing?

The free version of Rank Math can be installed to experience all the features firsthand.

  • Do you offer a Whitelabel option?

Whitelabel option is not offered.

  • Can I use PRO on client websites?

The PRO plan supports personal websites that you own 100%. For client websites or businesses where you are partners, the Business plan is a perfect choice.

  • Do I need a license key?

No license key is required. Once the Rank Math PRO or Business plan is installed, users are asked to activate their license by connecting their website to RankMath.com. After logging in to the Rank Math account users are required to hit the “connect” button.

  • Are there any renewal fees and if so, do I have to pay every year to use Rank Math?

Yes, the PRO plan comes with a renewal fee of $59 + taxes per year, and the business plan has a $199 + taxes per year renewal fee. The payment account will be debited every year automatically. The subscription can be canceled anytime or upgraded/downgraded to a different plan.

  • What payment methods do you accept?

Rank Math accepts PayPal, Credit & Debit cards, & Amazon Pay. They have partnered with FastSpring to offer local payment solutions.

  • How often do you release updates?

The products are always up to date with the new guidelines set forth by search engines like Google, Bing, Yandex, etc. No fixed schedule is followed for updates. In case of a critical update from Google or other search engines, an update is immediately released to fix it. As soon as an update is released, users can see it inside their WordPress admin area.

  1. Can I use Rank Math on a WordPress.com website?

Rank Math fully supports self-hosted WordPress websites.

  1. How many keywords can I track?

With the PRO plan, one can track 500 keywords, and the Business plan allows one to track 10,000 keywords. After the limit is reached, one cannot add additional keywords for tracking. The limitation is across all the websites connected to the user’s account.

  1. Can I upgrade to the Business plan after getting the PRO plan?

Users can easily upgrade to the Business plan after getting the PRO by paying the difference.

  1. Do I need to wait to get access to the files?

No. The files are available immediately in the user’s account as soon as the payment gets approved by the payment processor. The confirmation file can be downloaded. You can start using the PRO/Business instantly after completing your purchase.

  1. How does the Analytics/Rank Tracker work?

The Analytics as well as the Rank Tracker/Keyword Tracker data is grabbed from your Google Search Console and Google Analytics profiles via API. This makes data extremely accurate as it is coming from Google itself. However, if Google discontinues the API – the Analytics, as well as the Rank Tracker/Keyword Tracking function of Rank Math PRO, will stop working.

  1. What happens if I exhaust my keyword tracking limit?

You can no longer add more keywords to the tracker after hitting your keyword tracking limit. All the keywords you have already added will still be tracked

  1. How often do you update the Analytics data?

Analytics data is updated every seven days for the free plan, and every three days for PRO and Business plans.

  1. Can I do group buying?

Group buying is strictly not allowed. Violating websites will be blocked from using Rank Math.

  1. Will the PRO plugin make my site slow?

Rank Math is a compact plugin even with all the bells and whistles it comes with.

  1. What is your refund policy?

A 30-day no-questions-asked refund policy is available.

  • How do I get updates?

As long as users have an active license, they will be able to update Rank Math just like any other WordPress plugin – with the click of a button. Auto-update option is also offered.

  • So how do I get support?

The support staff is available round the clock to help answer queries or help fix issues being faced with the plugin.

  • What is the difference between the PRO and the Business plans?

The PRO plan is best suited for individuals & solopreneurs and the Business plan is best suited for freelancers, businesses, service providers & agency owners.

  • Do I need to uninstall the free version to install the PRO or the Business version?

Users should not uninstall the free version to use the PRO. The PRO version is built on top of the free plugin, so users need to keep both installed and activated to use the PRO.

  • Will my setting be lost when downgrading to the Free or the PRO version?

No, none of your settings is lost. Everything gets safely stored in your WordPress database and transferred over to the Free/PRO version of the plugin. But, the features that are available in the paid/higher plans won’t be accessible afterward. However, the information you added to your content while on the PRO will remain intact and activates back as soon as your subscription becomes active again.

  • Can I use the Business plan on more than 100 websites?

Users can purchase additional licenses to use the Rank Math PRO Business plan on additional websites. Or, they can contact Rank Math with their requirements, and a custom plan can be developed.

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