What are the latest Android Version in 2021?

Android, the world’s hottest mobile platform, is celebrating its 13th birthday today. because it is getting into its teen years, we will expect many scintillating advancements that further push its boundaries.

Let’s have a fast peek into the trends in technology for Android which will reinforce its dominant position within the mobile industry.

Android offers a top-notch platform for creating apps and games for Android users the planet over. Google Play, the premier marketplace for Android apps, meritoriously distribute the applications instantly to an out sized global audience.

Since its start on 5th November 2007, people are probing the minds of Android developers to urge a glimpse of subsequent innovative ideas. The innovations in latest Android technology helps skillful android mobile app developers to create potent and differentiated applications
that solve unique problems.

Let’s take a fast survey of the newest android technology trends that make every android developer and user winners.

Before we advance, here may be a quick snapshot of Android’s journey.

Android –A Quick Flashback

With the general public release of the Android beta on November 5, 2007, November 5 is taken into account as its birthday.

Its real history is often traced back to a time when the term smartphone itself was uncommon. Android Inc. was founded by Rich Miner, Nick Sears, Chris White, and Andy Rubin in Palo Alto, California in October 2003.

Their original plan was to use Android OS to enhance the operating systems of digital cameras. But because the marketplace for stand-alone digital cameras was on a deteriorating trend they decided to use the OS inside mobile phones.

In July 2005, Google acquired Android Inc. marking an enormous milestone. The co-founders continued developing the OS under their new owners. the choice to use Linux because the basis for the Android OS made it possible to supply to third-party mobile manufacturers for free of charge. Google has fruitfully made Android the leading OS with a worldwide market share of quite 80%.

You can see Android’s recent progress and developments in embedded Tweets at the top of the blog.

5 Android Technology Trends You Can’t Ignore

Understanding time and trends is crucial to accumulate top position within the mobile app development industry. during this guide, you’ll get to understand the newest android technology trends which will assist you build an innovative Android mobile app and become the new trendsetter.

1. Web Apps + AMP

The web app landscape got revolutionized with the introduction of Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) project by Google in 2015. It modernizes the online technology by enhancing the
online browsing quality and improves the general page loading speed.

Progressive Web Apps (PWA) and AMP pages’ work great together and complement one another in some ways. the mixture of web apps and AMP can effectively blur the excellence
between mobile apps and web apps. This results in a radical change within the way users access and skim stories on the web.

Using AMP technology, Android developers can smartly design complex websites into a responsive design. This guarantees an enhanced mobile user experience. Web Apps + AMP-
powered apps instantly open within the browser with none need for downloading them. It offers a mobile app-like user experience even in poor data scenarios.

Android mobile app developers can stay innovative and valuable by building web apps using the open-source AMP principles. they will create faster, easy to load, and robust web apps
with a particular coding language (stripped-down version of HTML and CSS which limits the utilization of JavaScript.)

2. Internet of Things (IoT) in Android Mobile Apps

Creating an app for the web of Things (IoT) is crucial to compete during this IoT-driven world. IoT systems prompt automation with the utilization of smart devices and integrated
mobile apps. Android apps that include features to work smart devices on IoT systems are quite in demand lately.

IoT mobile application development services are getting more prevalent in smart home technologies. Mobile applications are considered because the best tools to require advantage
of IoT in automobiles, healthcare agriculture, and child & pet care also. Android app developers should see thereto that mobile apps are equipped to enable the remote of smart
gadgets, devices, sensors, and so on. The apps have an ingenious and secure back-end to handle glitch-free user communication with the device.

Multi-platform Development in Android App (Flutter)

Flutter SDK that permits you to create high-performance native applications on iOS, Android, Web, and desktop from one code base is claimed to be the longer term of Android
application development. This new Google technology is appreciated for its flexibility and comb-inability.

Besides the native design advantage, Flutter framework is great for MVP development because it saves time by helping you develop apps for both platforms at an equivalent time.
it’s a simple to find out SDK with comprehensive documentation from Google. Many learning videos, articles, podcasts, etc. are available to assist developers to possess a simple

Popular apps belonging to diverse domains are built using Flutter; Google Ads (Utility), Alibaba (e-commerce), Reflectly (Lifestyle), Birch Finance (Finance), Hamilton Musical
(Entertainment), Coach Yourself (Health and Fitness), Hookle (Social), SG BusTracker (Maps & Navigation), etc.

Flutter is undoubtedly one among the newest Android technology trends that can’t be overlooked.

The Increase of Chat Bots in Android Apps

The need for mobile app users keeps changing. the newest trend is their looking for do-it-yourself (DIY) custom service tools to hurry up online purchases and other buying decisions.
Chat bots function one among the simplest tools to satisfy this hunger. Enterprises are predicted to use more chat bots because the users search for swift and precise answers.

Android app developers are integrating the AI-based Google assistant, an ingenious chat bot that identifies even complex instructions. Game developers make advantage of voice
assistants and chat bots to make impressive and life-like gaming experiences for users. Google Duplex may be a new technology powering a replacement Google Assistant feature.
it’s a human-sounding technology that’s unrolled in some US states, UK, Australia, and Canada.

Payments and M-Commerce

More and more businesses are keen on making their business presence online, and a few of them are completely shifting from offline to online entities (mainly thanks to COVID-19
situation). this alteration forces them to create an app that’s equipped with online payment features. By 2021, mobile e-commerce sales are expected to account for 54% of total e-
commerce sales.

Consumers are depending more on mobile wallets like Android Pay to checkout when shopping from a mobile retail app. It’s a fast, safe, and secure way for them to buy. They use
these wallets at physical retail stores that allow touchless payment options.

Therefore, it’s imperative to create a mobile app that helps users to explore diverse businesses and use online payment. Mobile apps which will facilitate transactions barren of physical
cash/cards are of great demand.

As we all know Mobile Finance Service (MFS) Apps (PayTM, PayUmoney, Mobikwik, etc.) have witnessed an enormous surge in demand. More and more people are preferring apps that
provide mobile finance services to MasterCard or open-end credit. As these apps offer the added advantage of multiple payment options like utility payments, they’re an excellent hit.

The year 2021 will see more MFS apps with more security measures and loyalty capabilities. Jetpack Security, the new security library from Google with Android Key Store System,
offers how to store data more securely in Shared Preferences. This latest Android technology will look out of the safety issue in Android application development

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